MULTIPART S.A. taking care of the environment, committed to an environmentally friendly way of operation and recognizing the importance of its corporate social responsibility, which covers all its activities, has established an environmental policy that constitutes an integral part of the company's policy.


The basic principles of the environmental policy of MULTIPART SA relate to:

  • Continuous monitoring of environmental legislation at both national and international level, its immediate implementation in cooperation with the competent bodies for the resolution of the issues that arise.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company.
  • Commitment to pollution prevention during the design and operation of facilities
  • Contribution to the maintenance of a high quality environment and social well-being in constant cooperation with the local community.
  • Identification, documentation and implementation of specialized goals and objectives, the progress of which is systematically monitored and reviewed where necessary, in order to control and limit the overall environmental impact of its activities.
  • Encourages and guides its human resources towards the effective implementation of the existing procedures, the continuous care for their improvement in order to perform their tasks in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Minimizes the production of waste by promoting their alternative management.
    • Being aware of our responsibility to protect the environment, our company implements all necessary actions for the proper management of waste and natural resources in order to improve environmental performance.
    • For the recycling of paper and packaging materials we have placed collection bins in all the facilities for their forwarding to a recycling company.
    • For the recycling of printer inks and lamps we have placed collection bins in the offices for their forwarding to a recycling company
    • In collaboration with COMBATT S.A "Integrated Collective System For the Waste Batteries Management In Greece S.A.", the waste management of vehicle accumulators defined by the European and Greek legislation is applied.
    • Continuous information and awareness of employees on issues of Environmental Management and proper management of recyclable materials.
  • Recognizes as its obligation the maintenance of open and honest channels of communication and cooperation with all stakeholders, shareholders, employees, external partners, customers and especially with the local community in matters of environmental protection and upgrading the quality of life.
  • The Administration of MULTIPART S.A. is committed to the proper implementation, maintenance and review of the Environmental Policy, while providing all the necessary resources and means for the implementation of its commitments.